Fabric Collection

  • 2023.1.30Announcement of exhibition



    We will exhibit renment TEXTILE at the following exhibitions.
    January 31 ~ February 2, 2023 at Milan Unica (MU) Booth:JOB B05
    February 7 ~ 9, 2023 at Premiere Vision (PV) Booth:5M55

    We are exhibiting a number of products including:
    ・A premium series that uses the finest materials and the delicate techniques that Japan is proud of
    ・Textiles that make full use of innovative technology that overturns common sense
    ・A series that creates new value for cotton with the aim of realizing a recycling-oriented society.

    Please stop by when you come to the venue.

  • 2023.1.30renment TEXTILE site Opening Greetings



    We have opened the renment TEXTILE site on January 30, 2023.
    Delivering “special cotton” created by combining the techniques of KONDOBO, which has been producing cotton yarn for a century, and craftsmen from all over the country.

    Furthermore, in JOURNAL, the story of how the material cotton was led to our starting point, “the thoughts of the people involved in manufacturing” are posted so please have a look on the articles.

    We greatly appreciate your loyal patronage and look forward to your continued business in the future.


The highest quality line that uses luxurious Sea Island Cotton. We offer a wide range of fabrics, from materials woven on old weaving machines to unique knit fabrics that challenge the limits of knitting. This premium series is made with the highest quality raw materials and the finest techniques that Japan prides itself on.

ASIC SeriesAmerican sea island cotton


Long involved in spinning, KONDOBO has realized new textiles that have never existed before by making full use of unique ideas and innovative technologies that overturn common practice. The watanomama series, in which cotton is made into fabrics without turning it into yarn, is our first step toward innovation.


Never waste cotton. This is a craftsmanship concept that we value. We collect yarn scraps and cutting scraps that would otherwise be discarded and recycle them as yarn once again. By adding a new touch to raw materials that would otherwise be thrown away, we create textiles with unique expressions and textures. We create new value for cotton with the goal of forming a Sound Material-Cycle Society.