About us

Founded in 1917, KONDOBO has been pursuing
high-quality cotton spinning for over a century.

And for the next 100 years, we would like to
continue to expand our unique craftsmanship.
We want to further increase the number of
people who are fond of cotton.
“renment” was born to carry on
such feeling forever with respect.

(Combination of Continuation and Cotton).
We cherish this beautiful Japanese
word that expresses the way
something continues uninterruptedly,
just as cotton is connected endlessly.

From production to finished products,
we are grateful to
everyone involved
in the textile industry, and will
contribute to
the revitalization of
textile craftsmanship throughout Japan.




Spinning 100 years of history
into the future

Since its establishment in 1917, KONDOBO has been engaged in the spinning business with cotton as its focus. We have continued to carefully and honestly produce classic yarns one by one, expanding our bases of operations throughout Japan, and have journeyed together with our customers for more than 100 years.

In the course of our history, we have faced difficulties such as the demand for mass production at the end of the 20th century, the shift of the spinning industry overseas, and the shrinkage of the scale of domestic production. Even under such circumstances, we were determined to continue our excellent craftsmanship in Japan with strong aspiration, and we started to develop new yarns in addition to our classic yarns.

With the goal to “create the world's best yarn” using the unique technology that KONDOBO has cultivated over its long history, the company creates high quality yarn that cannot be found anywhere else, starting from its factory located in the nature-rich Omachi City in Nagano Prefecture. We will continue to deliver special cotton to the world that can only be realized by KONDOBO.

Materials Materials

Our special attention to raw materials

To continue to produce high quality cotton.
We are committed to using the world's rarest and
highest quality raw materials, while at the same time
taking into consideration the environment in which the
cotton is produced and the people who work on the farms.

Spinning Spinning

Our reliable quality control
and cutting-edge technology

Surrounded by the majestic Northern Alps,
the Omachi Factory provides thorough quality
control from raw materials to delivery,
and is equipped with state-of-the-art technology.

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Fabric Fabric

Pursuing the unlimited
possibilities of cotton

Like a diamond, even the best cotton remains
a rough gem if it is not treated properly.
At KONDOBO, we carefully polish cotton and draw out
its full appeal, making it possible for us to create
“fabrics with special attention to detail from the yarn”
with artisans from all over Japan.


The creator's thoughts on the challenge of making things

Our Initiatives

A New Beginning. Cotton.A New Beginning. Cotton.

Cotton is a very familiar material in our daily lives.
Because it is so familiar, we tend to take its value for granted.
We want to learn about cotton once more and consider its appeal in a new light.
With this in mind, we have begun different initiatives.